¿Quieres tener tu propio retrato?

Art works in the round. Three-dimensional portraits.

Have you ever wanted to immortalize someone in three dimensions?

Browse the website and find out what prices, sizes, materials and finishes are available and the steps you need to follow to get a one-of-a-kind gift.

Retraescult is a group of professional artists with degrees in Fine Arts and wide-ranging experience in Sculpture and Design.
Our professionalism and the excellent quality of the work we produce give us unmatched prestige and trust worthiness in the field of commissioned works of art.


Atreveté con una CARICASCULTURA en tres dimensiones:


Encarga un  RETRATO FIEL en escultura:


Portraits are meant to last a lifetime, but should an accident happens and the work is damaged we can use our mold archive to make a reproduction.