The Caricasculpture is the company’s signature product. It’s the most original way to give a gift of good humour, elegance and design.

We have three options:

  • The image on the right belongs to the first one. It’s a caricature of a head in three dimensions in resin with a metal pedestal or perspex base with a lot of attention paid to bringing out the facial features. It measures between 18 and 20 cm, including the base. A prior photo session is required.


  • The second option is made in ceramic and is a more general representation of the entire body where facial features are handled with less detail. It measures around 12 cm. All you need is a photo of the person.


  • The Fimo polymer clay option is a more childlike representation in color of the person. Approx. 6 or 7 cm. All you need is a photo of the person.

Caricascultura FIMO

Show your sense of humor with a Caricasculpture…!

¡Pon a prueba el sentido del humor de tu pareja!




Bronze 8 cm. + pedestal = 15 cm. (approx.) 490 €
Resin 8 cm. + pedestal = 20 cm. (approx.) 350 €
Ceramic 12 cm. (approx.) 240 €
Polimeric Clay 6-7 cm. 120 €




Shipping and handling not included.

Caricatura Mar