Celtibérica Fonts

Font design

If you’d like to purchase any of these fonts send an email to: celtibericafonts@retraescult.es

Dura 200 x 200DURA. This font is compact and has a hard, blocky feeling but also feels carved and has rounded corners. You might say it’s petrified, or “Dura”, which means “hard.”

Price: 18€



CeltibéricaCELTIBÉRICA. This font is based on the ancient writing of the Celtiberian peoples who inhabited part of the central Iberian Peninsula in the 2nd century before Christ.

Price: 45€.

Price for family (two): 60€


manuscritaMANUSCRITA. The Manuscritas fonts are based on the writing style of our more recent ancestors from the 16th century and the Spanish Golden Age. It’s a nice cursive font reminiscent of handwriting.

Price for one: 14€

Price for whole family (three): 31€


Manuscrita XVI 200 x 200MANUSCRITA XVI. This is a delicate, stylized and elegant font with an unmistakably literary flavor.

Price 45€



carambolica 200 x 200CARAMBÓLICA. Carambólica is a heavy font that’s fun, carefree and unselfconscious,  with a nod to animation.

Price 45€



Medievo 200 x 200MEDIEVO. This medieval-style calligraphic font is perfect for expressing heritage, tradition or antiquity and it’s very versatile for using on signs in traditional and period theme restaurants.

Price 70€