Be sure to come wearing clothes you can get dirty because it’s likely that in the studio we’re going to make a mess with the plaster, clay and other mold making materials.

Pregnancy lifecasting

Would you like to immortalize your pregnancy?

Pregnant-torsoPregnant woman3

“I have to say it’s the most original keepsake I’ve ever seen. And I think it’s great because when your child grows up they can see just how big your belly was for the 9 months they were in there.”



Do you like your foot? Then clone it!
Do you like your partner’s hands? Then make a reproduction.

PIE SusaManoSanti

Relief casting: Prints

Would you like to have your baby’s hand cast in relief to keep forever?
It can be done with a foot, one or several fingers, or whatever part of the body you want.





Hand 70 € + frame 250 €
Foot 70 € + frame 250 €
Finger 25 € 100 €
Head 150 € -
Pregnancy 90 € -
Relief casting 45 € + frame -




Reproducciones Escayola