Santi Elejalde



Bachelor’s Degree in FINE ARTS from the Complutense University of Madrid (July 1997); specialized in Sculpting.


Additional education:

Course on CERAMICS. Universidad Popular de Alcobendas (U.P.A.) Alcobendas, Madrid (2012).
On-line course on “Web Design and Internet Tools Applied to Teaching.”Magister Academy (2011).
Course on WAX CUTTING and MODELING for jewelry. Jewelers Guild School of Madrid. (2009).
Course on METAL for jewelry. Jewelers Guild School of Madrid. (2009).
Course on 3D ELECTRONIC GRAPHICS (700 hours) conducted by the Madrid Institute for Employment and Business Training (IMEFE). Programs: MAYA (3-D Animation), MATISSE(with a graphics tablet), ELASTIC REALITY (Morphing). (1999).
Course on computer-based GRAPHIC DESIGN (225 hours) at “Goymar Center” Madrid. Programs: PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Freehand, QuarkXpress. (September 1998 – November 1998).
PHOTOGRAPHY course. Complutense University of Madrid. (1995).


Prizes and scholarship:

ERASMUS-SÓCRATES scholarship from “Kuvataideakatemia” University. Helsinki (Finland). (1998).
  • Course on Bronze Casting.
  • 3D Animation; Animation with clay.
  • 8mm Filming.
Prize DRAWING E.MI.SAN. (Escuela Militar de Sanidad)  “Posters” 1995: First Prize.
Prizes “Villa de Madrid” MARIANO BENLLIURE 1995 : Selected finalist.


Professional Experience:

Jewelry Design and Execution to order.
3D Portrait Modeler to order. Extensive experience.
Graphic Designer at “RAIN FOREST DESIGN.”Madrid (2005-2010)
Art Director for theming and design at “RAIN FOREST DESIGN.” Madrid-Valencia (2005-2009)
Designer and Builder of scale models for execution at the Valencia Bioparc building site at “RAIN FOREST DESIGN.” Madrid (2005-2006)
Draftsman and Designer of Theme and Bio Parks within the design section of “RAIN FOREST DESIGN”. Madrid (2001-2005)
Designer and Sculptor for Bio Park Theming at “RAIN FOREST” in Fuengirola-Málaga. (1999-2001)
Sculptor-Carver of advertising objects at “HERRADOR ART STUDIO. Madrid” (1998-1999)
Freelance Modeler-Carver of Busts for the model-making company NIMIX. Madrid (1996-1998)
Private Drawing Teacher in Madrid. (1999)



Collective exhibition ESCUELA ARTE CERÁMICA. Madrid. July-1993.
Exhibition former students I.B. GREGORIO MARAÑÓN. Madrid. November-1994.
Collective exhibition “MUY PERSONAL” C.C. GALILEO. Madrid. July-1995.
Exhibition LASSER COFFE SHOP. Madrid November-1995.
Exhibition Festival cultural de la E.T.S. de Arquitectura. Madrid. July-1996.
Exhibition ESTACIÓN DE CHAMARTÍN. Madrid. November-1996.
Exhibition “Pensamiento y Escultura” C.C. BLAS DE OTERO S.S. de los Reyes. May-2009.
Collective exhibition “BECARIOS” GALERÍA ANGELES PENCHE. Madrid. July-September-2009.
Collective exhibition itinerante “EL CUERPO, LA CARNE, y EL ALMA”. Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa, Cantabria, Asturias, Salamanca, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid. En Italia: (Florencia, Brescia, Milán, Venecia y Roma). En Alemania:(Munich, Colonia y Berlín)-Vizcaya. 2009-2012.
Collective exhibition “Mostra della miniscultura”. Ferrara. ITALIA. January-February-2011.
Collective exhibition “II Bienal Art Maison Japón”. Madrid-ESPAÑA. 7- 9 October-2011.